A downloadable project

This is a school project made at EPITA in collaboration with Ubisoft.

This is a crowd simulation tool representing a mall. Each agent have a different personnality generated depending on three template: Neutral, Pickpocket or Superhero.

For example, Agent depending on Pickpocket template tends to have a high speed, but there is a small probability that he will be slow and won't escape from difficult situations.

Each agent will respond to events (steal, fight) depending on their personnality.

The goal of this tech demo is to explore crowd behaviors depending on customizable parameters such as agent's personnality. Because the demo parameters are highly customizable, you will be able to simulate life scenes based on realistic or insane data.

For more information, you can check our State of The Art folder or get in touch with us:

jules.briquet@gmail.com ; killianhuyghe@gmail.com ; nmlethanh91@gmail.com


Crowd Behavior Demo - Unity Build 8 MB
Crowd Simulation - State of The Art 4 MB
Users Guide.pdf 172 kB